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VoIP Telephone Systems:  Hosted & Cloud

Save money and get local support

with a KeyCom cloud phone system.

KeyCom's hosted VoIP telephone system brings communication to new heights - locally, nationally and globally.

  • Local technical support
  • Keep your existing numbers
  • Bring your own IP phones
  • Grow & shrink as your needs change
  • Flexible hardware purchase - buy or rent
  • Same great support no matter how you buy 
benefits of hosted phone system
No Contracts!
Backed by a 100% Guarantee!
definition of hosted phone system

A hosted / cloud phone system is a geographically flexble, virtual phone system that resides in the cloud and connects phones and users anywhere in the world.  A.K.A. VoIP system or virtual phone system

hosted phone system Orlando

A hosted VoIP telephone system is best suited for businesses with:

  • 1 to 10 users per location

  • Stable, robust internet circuit

  • A need to expand or shrink often

  • A single office or multiple sites

  • Home or remote users

  • VoIP phones to reuse

  • A need for low start-up costs

  • Tolerance for lifetime monthly recurring costs

A hosted VoIP telephone system is easy to grow and shrink as your needs change!

A phone system hosted in the cloud is a great solution for small businesses, start-ups, and organizations with a decentralized workforce.


KeyCom's hosted phone service includes automated attendant (virtual receptionist), seemless transfers, group call routing, "find me/follow me," voice mail, built-in faxing and so much more - all for one low monthly fee per user.

You can expect every feature under the sun and more.  Read more about the wide variety of features avalable, and compare across systems.

One call, one company, unlimited solutions.

Call now to schedule a free demonstration!

Price Grid

Compare Our Price to Other National Providers!

KeyCom offers you the best price, 1-day installation, and the best local support!


1 Must meet their certification

2 Monthly price higher

3 Often subcontractors

4 Requires their internet circuit

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