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An premise PBX phone system is a communications server that is physically installed in an office.  Phones, software, and devices connect through the data network and/or dedicated cabling.  A.K.A. telephone system, key system, PBX

A premise PBX phone system is best suited for businesses that want to:

  • Connect more than 10 users per location

  • Integrate access control, surveillance and paging systems

  • Connect remote users and multiple offices

  • Host a high-volume call center

  • Run industry-specific applications like assisted living or hotel & concierge software

With a premise PBX phone system, you can simplify administration by integrating all of your systems.

Premise systems allow you to connect multiple locations and remote users under one roof.  Premise systems integrate with surveillance, access control and paging solutions to give you even more power and flexbility.

You can expect every feature under the sun and more.  Read more about the wide variety of features avalable, and compare across systems.

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