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Data Solutions

Rely on us for a dependable network.

KeyCom has everything you need for a well-managed network!

  • Routers & Switches
  • Firewalls & Traffic-Shaping
  • Virus & Spam Filters
  • Wireless Access Points (Wi-Fi)
  • Internet Circuits
  • SIP Trunks
  • Cords & Cable Management
Keycom is your single source solution provider for all of your technology needs.
Ask about our managed and on-demand service plans for network solutions.
One call, one company, unlimited solutions.

What can KeyCom help you with today?

Wifi & WAPs

wifi & WAPs

Orlando Networking Company

network connections

Orlando Network Security

network security

Orlando Email & Web Filters

email & web filters

Orlando Remote Access

remote access

Orlando Network Storage

storage & back-up

Trusted Brands

Cisco Vendor
D-Link Vendor
Linksys Vendor
Adtran Vendor
Trendnet Vendor
ZyXel Vendor
Netgear Vendor
Sonicwall Vendor
Dell Vendor

Just about any data provider can deliver a solution. The art is in finding the right solution for the right price that balances cost and performance for both hardware and services.


KeyCom will help you navigate the confusing and crowded space of data components, circuits and providers. Hooking your wagon to the right horse can be critical. 

Let us apply our 30+ years of experience serving over 5,000 customers to help you choose the right hardware and circuits that will perform the way you expect them to every single day.  


Straight talk - Honest advice - KeyCom.

Call now to schedule a network analysis visit!

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